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Shahi Tukda with Pineapple

Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:46 pm
by EsHoO

10-15 almonds

10-15 green unsalted pistachio

4 slices of bread


500 ml of milk

1 Tsp green cardamom powder

5 Tbsp sugar

1 gm saffron

3 Tsp screw pine (kewda) water

6-7 pieces candied ginger

6-7 thinly sliced pineapple

1 cutter (shape of your choice)


Put the almonds in boiling water to blanch them. Remove in 40-45 seconds when the skin wrinkles and rinse under cold water. Peel the almonds and slice them thinly. Repeat with the pistachios.

Take a slice of bread and cut pieces using the cutter. Avoid the crust and cut out an even number of pieces. Fry the pieces on low heat by flipping them over constantly. They should be evenly nice inside and brown outside. Remove 15 seconds before they are cooked and let them rest.

Pour milk in a pan, add cardamom powder, sugar and saffron. When the milk simmers, put the bread in gently and add kewda water. Remove the bread when it is soft and let the milk simmer. Be gentle with the bread since it breaks easily at this point.

Place a few pieces of sliced candied ginger and cut pineapple on one piece of bread. Top that with another bread piece like a sandwich. When the simmering milk has achieved a slightly thick texture, pour it over the bread.

Garnish with silver foil. Serve with a sprinkle of pistachios and almonds.